Mindfulness for Self Esteem 

In this course I will be your coach & best friend to help you find your true centre - to transform your self esteem with Mindfulness and the 8 Basic principles plus a spiritual twist.





Letting Go

Beginners Mind



And Compassion

Let me ask you this simple question.

Do you minimise yourself or your needs?

Do you like who you are right now?

How do you want to feel?

How do you want to be treated?

Life doesn't have to be the same as yesterday, you can find an inner peace that eases everyday stresses and gives you balance. You can find your strength, your  self belief and that will change you forever. For GOOD.

Mindfulness is the yoga for the mind, stretching and calming it for a life that makes you feel your best and able to cope with anything.

So if you feel stressed of feeling down, are tired of being on edge or just need a new way of thinking, then why not learn mindfulness? 

I just need YOUR willingness to try something different and want the change for the better.

I'm not a salesperson, I simply want to share what I have learnt and what helped me get through difficult times, what transformed me from the inside out - so that now, I stop and go back to my mindful basics before letting the stress and anxious thoughts flood me again.

During one week of learning (including 3 zoom calls), I will send you a booklet which you'll work through with me as your guide. This will include mindful basics, mindful exercises & you'll have access 6 months exclusive access to meditation & instructional videos just for you through our members area. Please trust yourself to try this and truly make a change that will see you recognise yourself or even meet yourself as a stronger, centered soul in this human experience.

Simply hit the button below and let's get started my friend!



Virtual Private sessions now available With me as your teacher.

- One on One Guidance on how to practice 

- Custom content created exclusively for you

- suggestions for books and exercises that will support your mindfulness journey 

whether it's work or personal we can work together & give you tools to get you through it. 

Each session is 30mins / $50






Bringing mindfulness into the workplace, not only creates a growth mindset in employees, but can relieve stress and anxiety. 

When you're mindfully working you raise workplace happiness and therefore productivity. As an employer, it helps foster camaraderie and team building, because team players work together for the greater good. Being mindful is not 'out of this world stuff', it's tools to bring your mind back to the present moment and tasks, and do it with 100% purpose and presence.