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In this course I will be your coach & best friend to help you find your true centre - to transform your Life with Mindfulness and the 8 Basic principles plus a spiritual twist.





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Let me ask you this simple question.

Who do you really want to be in 2020?

Life doesn't have to be the same as yesterday, you can find an inner peace that eases everyday stresses and gives you balance.

Mindfulness is the new yoga but for the mind, stretching and calming it for optimum possibilities.

If you feel stressed, tired of being on edge or just need a new way of thinking, then why not learn mindfulness? No drugs, no special deals. I just need YOUR willingness to try something different and want the change for the better.

It's a 6 week course and each week a video call will help you keep on track or smooth out any techiques or questions.

WHY 6 weeks? Well it takes 30 days to break habits and build new ones, so we need that time, plus a little more to iron out any resistance.

This course is $699. 

You will get a booklet with all your principles and mindful exercises & meditation videos just for you.

But more importantly, we will take this journey together, from where ever you are across the world. 

Simply hit the button below and let's get started!


Learning the tools to bring you back to the present moment, can give you a sense of peace and alignment with the universe and your true purpose. Life can be a chaotic and stressful place, but only if you let it. 

Being in the NOW, can relieve anxiety and stress, by simply narrowing our thoughts to what we can do right now. As the past is gone and the future is untold. Take control of yourself and your thoughts to regain your inner power and potential.

* Group coaching sessions available


Bringing mindfulness into the workplace, not only creates a growth mindset in employees, but can relieve stress and anxiety. 

When you're mindfully working you raise workplace happiness and therefore productivity. As an employer, it helps foster camaraderie and team building, because team players work together for the greater good. Being mindful is not 'out of this world stuff', it's tools to bring your mind back to the present moment and tasks, and do it with 100% purpose and presence. 

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