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You and this tree are ONE.

1. You can free yourself from attachment & fully experience life- if a tree stops its roots and branches from growing it will never know more about life & it’s’ possibilities.

2. Letting go brings peace and freedom - a tree will let the wind rush past and through it, the rain over it, it doesn’t stiffen or become fearful of water, it knows it will pass like a sunrise or a perching bird, it stays true to itself.

3. Nothing is permanent - scientists have proven that trees can speak to each part of itself. It will sacrifice a few for the greater good of the whole. It knows it can’t stay the same always & understands change isn’t death but renewal.

4. Live simply - how much more simply can a tree live yet look what it is & gives ? Beauty, strength & protection.

5. Everything is already perfect! Enough said.

6. Be kind and forgive - a tree never takes revenge on a passerby that harms it, it simply lets them go and remains it’s beautiful self.

Mindfulness is as simple as not judging a tree for what it doesn’t give you but appreciating it for what it stands for - love, patience, non striving and joy.

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