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Would you prefer?

I have a game that I play with kids and it's called 'Would you prefer'.

It goes something like this..would you prefer a cheese grater scraping your nose or ants in your shirt?

It's great fun and it causes many fits of laughter but I'm teaching them a valuable lesson.

I want them to learn two things in fact - one is laughter is the best medicine so don't take yourself so seriously and secondly the lesson of perspective.

To often these days if you dare to watch the news, it's all extreme.

War starting here, bombs there, more humans hurting humans over yonder and sometimes closer to home. So let's get perspective.

The world itself is incredible.

This ball of rotating land and water that holds us all in, could, if left to it's own devices, cure itself of all wounds that we 'smart' humans thrust upon it.

And let's not forget our bodies. These ancient masterpieces that continue to evolve with all the chemicals we force it to endure, the external pressures we place on it from stress and want of the perfect six pack.

Why are you here? Why are we here?

I believe it is to learn and love. I think there are many souls whose owners are unmindfully lost. They may think, that being a great human and making the most of life, means selling your time on earth and this lifetime for money, possessions & power.

But so often these are the same spirits that are sad, lonely and lack self love.

No one & no one thing external to you, can give you what you need.

ONLY you can do that. No money is needed, no boardroom takeover is wanted, no wealth check is desired, no body weight check stipulated.

Simply love you...YOU.

Perspective let's us get a little closer to the truth of our deep longing. We long to be safe, comfortable, accepted, valued and loved.

Guess what? You are the person for that job.

Your CV is top notch and you'll get the bonus, if only you saw yourself the way you look at those celebrities or heads of mega corps. They are no better than you, just on a different path. In tribes of past, each member held a special place - the simplest example I can give you is the Smurfs. Don't laugh..well ok yes laugh. But each one was different, with a special set of skills or personality, but each deeply loved and valued. Or if you look at the Seven dwarfs and Snow White - she needed them all to find her strength her path to truth...that's no accident.

We need everyone, with all our quibbles, but what we don't need are those that try to instill fear, loathing, anger and darkness in us.

More than likely they are swimming in those qualities themselves & are ignoring the angels and guides watching over them. They want black and white concrete evidence, but why then do rainbows exist? If the world was so calous we would be surrounded by grey grass and a black sun. But we aren't. It's a brand new day every day.

When you die, the money & possessions stay here. I'm not saying don't enjoy things and work towards something grand. I'm saying have perspective about your wants and accept who you are with all your valuable talents.

The sun will rise and set, like every other day. The next billionaire will be announced, the next model will be unveiled.

But what is your true legacy?

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