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What law of attraction are you vibrating?

When you make up your mind about something it becomes your vibrational offering and law of attraction gives you more evidence to prove that perspective. So when we say to ourselves, we'll never find the right person to love for example, then that is the vibration we send out to the universe. Naturally then, the law of attraction sends you evidence, like the worst date or a not so great partner.We often block the abundance of love and joy. Our realities are so narrow we can't see beyond our bubble of existence. Our ego doesn't know the difference between transformation and annihilation and it's only ever trying to protect itself. So, it can only grasp joy and happiness from the tiny portal it knows to exist. But what is beyond that, is true reality - abundance and love - everything is possible, if you believe deeply enough.Fear blocks everything within the realm of the known, but abundance is in the unknown and unless you unlock your potential, you can't fully experience it. So face your fears, that are merely feelings and feelings will pass like a wave on the beach, and turn the key to your possibilities.

Life is supposed to be good, not just for some but for all of us and when it isn't something has gone wrong. And the thing that's gone wrong is that a perspective has been believed and practised so much and deeply that other evidence can't come into the picture.When you have decided something in a powerful way then it must be, because law of attraction will always present you exactly the practice that you are believing and practising every day.Your views are valid of course, but you do create your own reality and you are creating your own reality, vibrationally, even unknown to yourself. There are choices. You have choices.

Why not be someone that shines the light on the wellbeing of our community, our planet. Why not highlight what is wanted and practise the kindness and love that is needed? When that is your choice, when you drive it with profound attention then it becomes your point of attraction. Vibrationally, law of attraction says that more of that evidence shall be found. So let's be the joyful, loving and kind beings we so want to see in the world. Let's start from us, now.

* Please note, all themes in this blog are just my beliefs from my personal experience and research.

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