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What is Mindfulness?

I was recently speaking to a group of people about mindfulness and they shyly asked, 'what is it?'. So I thought now's a good time to shed more light on my favourite subject.

Many believe that mindfulness is a quick new age fix for stress, anxiety or even depression, however, while it can aid in supporting these issues, it's main purpose is not to achieve any of these things. It's a life discipline for raising awareness of 'what is'. Mindfulness is an eastern practice that strengthens the mind, and the mind is not seen as thoughts but rather a conscious awareness, so it allows us to become more sensitive to what is happening in the present moment, both within us and the outside world. It is about 'just being'.

It's non judgmental, nurtures inner peace, can improve concentration and general well being. How you ask?Through practicing mediation and training your mind to detach from thought, emotion and body sensation and instead be a witness to your thoughts and feelings. When you come to master mindfulness, you can often find relief from anxiety or depression. But please always seek medical help if you feel like you can't help yourself. My story is why and how I found the practice of mindfulness. In the last few years I've dealt with and come out the other side of, post natal anxiety and so it lead me to seek solutions that were natural and sustainable. I wanted to be strong and fearless again. So I came across Eckhart Tolle's book 'The Power of Now' and that made me understand I was living in my head all the time. My thoughts and my inner ego were trying to protect me by creating the anxious feelings I had and they in turn, were paralysing and made me feel powerless.I also found the wonderful speaker, leader and author Mel Robbins, who was teaching her '5 Second Rule method'.

Which basically makes you stop every time anxiety kicks in, count backwards from 5 and that stops your brain mid thought so you can redirect to a positive one. Please have a read of her book, she's awesome and explains in more depth. So I read up and started doing a daily meditation, started asking for help where I needed it and I stopped myself every time I had a negative thought or fear.

Realising that I still have control and choice of what I think and being in the moment, turned my life around. And although anxiety can be different for everyone, it's still something you can overcome, I know because I'm doing it and it is a daily practice but well worth it.Mindfulness can be one key to help unlock your peace of mind and that is a golden gift.

* Please note, I'm not a qualified psychologist, all themes in this blog are just my beliefs from my personal experience and research. This blog respects copyright laws and is shared for educational purposes only.

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