What are you filling up on?Let's get REAL

Ok so it's 2pm and this is lunch, a delicious blueberry, pineapple and papaya smoothie! It's filling and nutritious...BUT is everything we fill up on so good?

From trashy TV shows, infomercial impulse buying, shoes that just 'must be bought because they're on sale', to the latest gadgets...we are consuming ourselves silly!

Why? I think, because deep down we have a void that we avoid.

Blame who you like in therapy, divert your attention to the next shiny thing..deep down we are all looking to feel loved and whole.

It's a natural want and need, to be part of something bigger than us, to be loved for us and to contribute. So let's get real, let's get basic and know it's ok to be human with all our foibles. Let's also start to LIKE ourselves first. If we like us for all our imperfections and eccentricities then we'll be happy to like others for theirs and the chain goes on.

Let's be mindful of all the stuff we ingest through our minds, eyes, tummy and ears...let's get organic from the inside out and fill up on positive manifestations, tribal kindness and generosity of heart!

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