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We are all human angels!

As I was meditating this morning it occurred to me that perhaps we are all angels in human form. Shards of universal light that is in the infant state. That’s perhaps why when we feel hurt, displaced or undervalued, we find it sometimes hard to communicate with our perceived authorities. We don’t believe we deserve to have a voice. We are so concerned about rocking the boat, speaking up or simply being seen that we would prefer to be wall flowers or go along with the crowd.But if we realised we have universal wisdom within us then maybe we can evolve and grow as human spirits.

It’s our time to stand for ourselves, the universe placed you here on earth for a purpose. You arrived with everything you already need to support you. You see too many times, we sabatoge ourselves instead of supporting. We deny our feelings, our gut, then a tiny piece of ourselves crumbles, unheard. Imagine, then those tiny crumblings over months and years, they become a chasm in our mind.

That voice that says ‘you can’t do that’, ‘who do you think you are defending yourself’, ‘you ‘re not good enough’, ‘you’re not smart enough’. That is self sabatoge, because we are whole.Those are just words and thoughts that like a bubble can be popped and disappear.

You just need to be mindful everyday, sometimes every hour or minute, of what you allow into your thoughts. See your thoughts as passing clouds, be the observer and detach your self from those thoughts. Mindfulness is about accepting the thoughts and feelings we have, then with no judgement, letting them go. Drop into yourself, into the base of your heart, hold yourself lightly and simply be with yourself.

Trust that your gut, the light or universal wisdom inside knows the way. We do not need others to fulfil us, but a community that supports, rallies and uplifts us. Find that tribe. For we are alive only in this very moment, no other moments exist.Just right now.

* Please note, I'm not a qualified psychologist, all themes in this blog are just my beliefs from my personal experience and research. If you feel you need medical help always seek a qualified medical expert.

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