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You can always start afresh, put your past behind you and let the future sleep gently.

Today, YOU can create this moment, your feelings and your reactions!

This clean canvas is available to you, in any given moment.

You might be having a terrible day, everything has gone wrong(which is really just the universe saying - wrong way try again), but in the second you decide you are over being a victim of circumstance or a pebble in the crashing wave of get to paint & reframe on a blank canvas.

You can say to yourself, enough is enough. I'm going move on, forgive them or myself, I'm going to try a different, give a new person a go or simply splash out and try something that my heart has longed for forever.

Painting has always been a precious gift where I can realise dreams or unleash sadness or anger or joy. But this kind of blank canvas is even more powerful, because you can choose to create, start again, anytime, anywhere.

You are the masterpiece and a masterpiece takes as long as it needs to.

No time constraints, simply joy in the making.

Yes there may be some angst or trepidation, but that's the beauty of a blank canvas!

That's LIFE.

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