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Today is a NEW day! What will you do with it?

Today is a new day for you and everyone you know.

So, how do you want to proceed?

Do you want to stay in the lines? Never meandering off the track to see what could be beyond the walls you’ve created?

Or do you want to be brave, take your life in your own hands and steer it in the true direction of YOUR soul and dreams?

Today, someone I know is passing away in her hospital bed. I want to celebrate her life by reminding myself and you, that today COUNTS.

So if you’re a manager, how do you really want to manage the people that work for and with you?

Are you contributing to more than just their bank account? Do you inspire them to do their best for you but also for themselves.

Have you got a well rounded vision of your own life?

Because it’s not just a pay check that people work for. They want to learn, to contribute, to have mentors that rally for them and give them space to bloom. Are you that person?

If you are a business owner, is the direction of your business aligning with the true purpose you had in mind, when you first started your company?

Are you proud of where you are? Does your family know how much you love them and what they mean to you, not just your business.

Today, a beautiful soul, is getting ready to pass over and join the guardian angel alumni.

Whether you believe it or not, your loved ones are with you and steer you silently, through those little ‘gut’ feelings you get or signs you see that puzzle you but quietly confirm your hearts desire.

If you had a week left…full stop. What would you change about your life? Or how you managed your employees?

Would you lead with more empathy and be more humble perhaps, or go gung ho into a new era and create a workplace that ingites the passions and talents of your crew.

Today, you have a chance to make a change. Today, as an angel finds her wings, you can find your courage to be better, wiser, kinder and lean away from fear.

Today, you can make a HUGE difference, will you?

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