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'This Too Shall Pass'

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

This too shall pass my friend, I know it feels like just another drama or problem to add to the list, but it will pass and perhaps what we can gain from this is a little wisdom about inner strength, staying calm and kindness. Perhaps it's also a time to look to your inner world.

This new virus which is scrambling across the world is a something we can not control but manage. Obviously, we can wash our hands more, be careful of being in large crowds for long periods of time and overall being more aware of our surroundings. But in saying to ourselves "this too shall pass' we are saying - I accept unconditionally the unfolding of the present moment, I allow it (because you can't control it) and accept it. This unshackles you to the anxiety of thinking you can control it, because we can't. We can only manage it.

Naturally as mentioned, we will do what measures we can to keep ourselves and loved ones safe but then if something should 'happen' we deal with it - calmly.

The next thing I advocate is remembering a conscious breath, taking a breath in and consciously bringing yourself back to the present moment, this allows you to have perspective and deal with NOW, not tomorrow or yesterdays' lost possibilities.

My third tool for keeping calm through difficult times is maintaining your daily routines, mediations, healthy eating, selfcare and exercise.

Next don't forget to practice - Gratitude.

Be grateful for what you DO have and the home you feel safe in or the good friends you have or simply the hand sanitizer you have in the cupboard. Gratitude grounds us in times of worry and stress because it gives you a positive piece of pie to ponder on.

So now that we know that we can only try and just manage it and our emotions attached to it, let's look at the potential incredible positive...Time to look INWARD, to our underground world that hardly gets any daylight yet is the driving engine of our every day.

We are forever looking outward for approval, acceptance, amusement, empathy and wisdom, but why not now look inward?

It's not as scary as you think, it is, afterall your inner world, where all your beliefs stem from, where all your joys and love comes from and yes there is even a corner where your disappointments rest in a quiet bean bag. But it is not to be afraid of. Let's let go of the outer world for a few days and make a daily practice of sitting and going inward. Reflecting on what we do have that's good, on what we have achieved, on what dreams are yet to be realised.

Your inner world could be like a beautiful underwater world, where everything flows when you don't push against it and instead swim or float above the negative thoughts and emotions, acknowledging them but letting them float past you.

And like a healthy river or ocean, the more that grows there, the healthier and stronger the eco system, so the more you allow your thoughts to come and then go, the more you don't judge that shark of frustration or the killer whale of anxiety, you will instead grow stronger.

In order to be a fully functioning soul having a human experience, we must see all experiences as a learning or a way to stretch our capibilities to love, forgive and thrive not just survive.

When we swim, we don't grasp the water desperately, that's pointless, we would drown trying, so why do it in normal every day life? Why do we think if I hold something or someone tight enough they won't go or leave? It doesn't work like that. You know that.

Instead trust the water has you. Trust yourself to float above or through the storms of life and of course if there is a floatie grab it. But if we take this time to look inward, we might realise how much strength we have in ourselves, that we don't need so much outward approval, that we don't need the latest gadget, handbag or someone elses 'yes' to feel good about ourselves.

Let's take this enforced inside time to priotize our 'inside' world.

A world that is yours to protect, to grow and make flourish like an underwater garden!

Make this your time to thrive inside and be your own best friend.

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