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The Morning Makeover Show

A makeover can be seen as a surface change where nothing really budges, but do the same thing every morning and it becomes a habit. Crafting a morning that boosts your energy and sets a path for intentions to be manifested, is no mean feat.

I have woken up many times more tired, lethargic and stressed than when I went to sleep and those days were hard.

But I also knew that my routine in the morning was far from optimal.

Coffee to boost brain power left me drained by 10am, hot showers to sooth me into the day, left me wanting my doona again and a run to the work desk left me wanting to run from it an hour later!

So what to do, change it. There was no reason to keep doing this, so why was it so hard to break this morning habit?

Because as we think, our mind and body sync up and create a program.

You must start changing your morning habit the night before.

Hear me out and I know you must have heard it already.

The night before we go on a big party trail, we know we are going to be a wash up the next day, so why do we think that going to bed with negative thoughts and judgement on our 'failings' from that day, will lead to sunshine and success tomorrow?

We need to change it up.

I know my triggers...I know when I need more rest, or more fun time or more time with a best friend or a pet or a good meal.

I work from home like many, so it's me and me and me.

Then the kids come home and my husband comes out of his office and we talk about the day.

So ironically, I ask my boys to tell me the good stuff that happened to them, while the 'smart' big people just seem to complain about this or that. Not a great start to the end of the day!

So, the night before has to change.

Our brains want to stick to a pattern and it will fight you on a new thing, reminding you of all the other times you tried something new and it didn't work - it's called the 'negativity bias'.

It began with our ancestors hundreds and hundreds of years ago, because they didn't want to get eaten by a huge tiger or die of starvation, so the mind kicked in the 'negativity bias', reminding us not to go to close to an edge or run with a bee swarm.

But times have changed and we can too!

If you decide and set the intention the night before by chnging your routine like - tonight we sit outside to eat, tonight we watch comedy over a drama, tonight we cook a home cooked meal - quick and easy is fine - and tonight before we go to bed, we have that hot shower and write in a journal all the things we are grateful for. Now that's a softer exit to the day...

See how this might set us up differently?

So as you may know, I used to work in television and I have been present to many a script meeting, where they sit and discuss story arcs and who's doing what to create this outcome.

Well your life is the same! I kid you not!

YOU must take on the role of director and writer in your own real life show. When we write down what we want and visualise it in our minds like a story board works in a film, those visualisation moments sink into your subconscious and it thinks it's reality.

Yes, if you think it, visualise it and feel it as if it was true already, your reality the next moment, day, week or year will be different.

You may have already heard about mood boards, well don't underestimate the power of writing down what you want from the next day.

If you need a graphic, see it like a film the way I have written, directed and produced two short films of my own and I created a storyboard for each of them. How else can you truly understand how you want the scene, the character or your day to look and feel? So write it down!

Every time I teach mindfulness and meditation, I explain this powerful tool, because I know it works first hand. After my bad experience of anxiety, I realised it was partly due to the fact as a new parent, I had no idea was going to happen next. Would I be a good mother, a good partner, a sane and viable adult still?

Every single human wants to feel like they have a level of control over their life. Even those 'adventurers' that climb Mt Everest and make it look fun and exciting, they trained and planned for months and months before an attempt. They also used visualisation techniques and mindfulness to stay focused and calm.

So it's time to take your morning into your own safe hands.

The night before ease out of the day...turn the lights low while watching that comedy, make a cup of tea, chat to a friend, then softly gently go to bed.

If you're feeling tired, slow down, take your time to brush your teeth (mindfulness), kiss the kids good night while they sleep and find gratitude that you are all safe and well.

When in bed only reading books, put iphones away please ( this is a tough one for me too) and then write down your game plan for tomorrow. This also means stopping the judgement on the day that was, it's over people - move on!

Tomorrow is a brand new day! This moment is a brand new start!

So let's go camera, lights, action!

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