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The Bubble Mindset.

This morning as I was in meditation, holding onto my newest crystal - sodalite, I came upon some wisdom.

Now this crystal is made just for that purpose so it shouldn't have been a surprise, as it stimulates the third eye, eliminates mental confusion and encourages rational thought.

So as I sat on the floor meditating, a simple concept came to me..bubbles. As humans we are forever attaching meaning to everything, what someone says to us, how they look at us, what car we drive, where we holiday, it goes on and on. And we are all suffering and badly.

Anxiety and depression are at all time highs across the globe, no matter what your financial or cultural status. So what's going on?

It's attachment. We need to desperately LET GO. It's a fundamental Mindful principle and it's powerful.

So here's where my vision came in. We need to see ourselves enveloped in a clear bubble of the mind. The bubble mindset.

Super strong, but see through so we can see out and others can see in. Soft enough to land on any subject that we may travel to in our minds, but flexible enough to bounce away from a treacherous situation or thought. Because our egos' are sneaky beasts.

Imagine if we could see ourselves in this bubble.

Imagine how much easier life would be! And it wouldn't stop us from feeling, because when we fell upon something we love or feel intensely with joy, we can burst our bubble and dive deep into that space.

And it doesn't mean we are stopping ourselves from dealing with the hard stuff of life, because we have a choice. Always. But why are we insistent on fighting and winning every battle.

Like, why must you overtake the person in front of you, to only meet the at the red light?

Or what makes you a better person because you have more expensive shoes?

Your needs and wants are not those of others. No one needs to match up to your perceived 'bar' of quality.

Because we are each living our own reality. So, if we take on the bubble mindset, we can be a part of life, we can create within it, but we can float above the attachment cord and not take things personally.

You can't judge someone and neither can they. Your world is made up of your specific notions and beliefs derived from your specific experiences and falabilities.

So if we each became encircled by these beautiful soft and flexible bubbles, surely life would be much easier. We wouldn't be hurt by others' perceptions to often or at all, we could float through life, realising that that bubble over there is not mine to burst or qustion.

You were created to have a human experience, but you are more than anything a soul, attempting to live on a mortal planet.

So I say, get your bubble on and live like your life is joyful, like you have choices, like it could all burst anytime and with an understanding that life in our little bubbles are precious.

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