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Take a coffee break! Your life has booked a meeting with you.

So you’re at work today and you think, I have so much to do, I can’t get it all done, I have too much pressure on me, I’m not good enough, I’m tired.Do you think that’s a great pivot point for a successful day at work?Life is not a battlefield but it is if you make it so. This is your reality. Not mine. When was the last time you got that tingling feeling down your spine because you were so excited or blissful? When was the last time you blasted your favourite song on your headphones and just felt like a kid again? We all have to pay bills and buy schools shoes but how we do it is up to us. Your mindset is like a gravitational pull – are you on the moon floating with no control and hoping for the best OR are your feet planted firmly on earth…knowing you put one foot in front of the other and move toward light and learning. ONLY YOU CAN LET THE OPPORTUNIIES IN. HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR STORY TO GO?If this were your last month on earth. If today, you got to right every wrong and make peace with all your inner demons and heartache, what would you do? If within 10 minutes you could clear all historical hurts from your memory and have a clean clear slate for the next 4 weeks of your life, how would you feel? Well, we honestly don’t know how long we have left on this earth and if you wish, you can manifest a state of clarity and take EVERY brick that’s been on your shoulders OFF right now. Because you see, you had that power in you, the whole time.Yes, I know, shocking and somewhat ridiculous. What do you mean I can do that myself? I have too many regrets, mistakes, hurts, betrayals…you don’t understand. You’re right, I don’t. But…do you want to be at peace or do you want darkness and anxiety over you, like a dark cloud, everyday? We can choose to be happy or we can choose to remind ourselves and over again of the pain in our past. BUT WHY? You were not built to be a victim. You are the most glorious shard from the universe.Dropped on the earth to shine, inspire and spread light. You have stopped listening to the voice inside that’s kind to you, because some where you don’t think you deserve goodness because you have made mistakes, you’ve hurt someone, you’ve failed. YES …..right…and???? The art of life is learning how to pursue your happiness, learn from mistakes and give back! Let’s lead each other instead of beat each other and while we are at it- raise others up.A future for our children is about being OUR best and not wasting opportunities to simply appease others, please those that force us and become so ill at ease within ourselves that we are sick and quite literally tired of life. Today is your chance to create your dreams, to manifest the best version of you.When we speak, think and ask questions, we are either coming from a point of fear or love. Every single time. You may be hesitant to ask for that promotion at work, why? Because you’re afraid you aren’t good enough. You don’t ask that guy or gal out that you have been water cooler chatting to for months, why? Because you think they’ll reject you. LIFE IS NOW PEOPLE! Stop caging yourself in! Give it a red hot go! So, if you believe you deserve a raise because you’ve worked hard and know your stuff, schedule a meeting and talk to your boss, the squeaky wheel gets the oil, so go and squeak! If for months you’ve longed to study something but you’re afraid to fail or it’s costly but it would get you the job you really want and make you happy, then break that internal piggy bank and step up to the plate. Who else will invest in you if not you!? And if you fail, at least you tried. That’s a regret you won’t have at your death bed. Every dream, side hustle, ambition and passion can only be manifested when you decide to just do it. No more excuses, you’ll never be perfectly ready! I have known so many people that have passed away in their prime and I now walk with a passion and rhythm that would make them proud. Today make yourself proud.

*Please note, all themes in this blog are just my beliefs from my personal experience. If you need professional psychological help, please seek a qualified physician.

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