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Stuck in a rut or an opportunity gap?!

I have been feeling stuck in a rut, just the last couple of days. Nothing to deep but enough to rile me, to annoy my usually upbeat and light spirit.

So instead of seeing a dark hole with no end, I am seeing a gap for expansion and opportunities.

I have sat at my desk, lit some candles and am taking some deep breathes.

Now I can see how to help myself..firstly, change up my routine. Let's face it, we have all been doing the same routine for weeks now.

It can and will become hum drum, so doing the day differently. Do your exercise in the afternoon instead of the morning, eat a different breakfast, try a new TV show, put on some new or different clothes. Let's be honest I have been wearing similar clothes each day because it's easy, but easy will not do when you are trying to break a rut.

Secondly, I think that for a short time it's ok to chill in a comfortable rut or toned down energy saving mode. Sometimes we need to recharge, stop the over thinking, relax the strict patterns and chill. Bears hibernate, so why can't we for a few days.

Next - Keep showing up. This is a really important one. Don't just go into a dark grim place away from everyone and stop everything completely. Keep getting up, but do it gently, keep exercising but di a gently walk instead of a run, keep smiling because life is a gift and it's up to you how you use it.

Acknowledge resistance or understand your burnt out.

Burn out is a real thing, so we must be honest with ourselves and notie of we have pushed too hard in all parts of our lives. And also in parallel get real if you are resisting something changing in your life. Resistance to deep hurt or sadnsess or needed change is real. But if you see that if you let go of resistance, you can sleep better, refresh your weary mind and body and even more than likely like the new path in front of you. Life will always offer us change, sometimes we choose to bypass it but if it's change that must happen to help you grow, it WILL show up again and again.

So embrace it, let go and trust that if you have come this far after everything that's happened, you can get through this too.

Fourth tip is to engage with your inner self, your spiritual side, god or source or nature.

Meditate, practice one mindfulness principle like Acceptance (of what is happening and how you can make it work for you).

Spend time in your garden or balcony with plants or simply go for a walk and breathe.

Finally get your laugh on! Google funniest cats or watch a comedian on netflix or just rememeber the funniest thing that ever happened to you and laugh and laugh some more and see that every moment is as funny or as serious as we make it.

And a bonus one is ...just BE. Have a day off, get takeaway, watch films, wera your pjs all day or get dressed up or just lay down in the grass and day dream. Dream about what you want, no limits.

Being kind and letting go of expectations, pressures and accepting I'm allowed to have a couple of days to STOP and chill will help you see that 'rut', as a lovely creek bed that will soon be full of crystal clear waters of intention and all nature of adventures and new joys.

All will be well, for now recharge my friend.

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