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It's my birthday this week and I'm finally able to be mindful of what that means and how far I've come.When we are younger, we are forever wanting to prove something to family, friends, prospectives cuties and more than anyone - ourselves.

If I could send myself a birthday card with universal wisdom and mindfulness, I'd wrap it in gold and chocolate, just to make sure I opened it. Let's face it, youth makes us brave but not always the most open to lessons of the elders, so you have to hand wisdom over in an compelling package. I hope I succeed, here goes...I would start by telling myself to breathe, just breathe. You don't have to rush things, you don't have to make everyone else your fixer upper project and things will still get done and the right people will still like you.

Then I might definitely mention meditation and self care, about a thousand times, because it truly is essential. Meditation releases stress, brings inner peace and perspective, while being kind to ourselves through self care can eliminate inner judgement and negativity. As you care for you, you create a space of respect and love, that in turn will have others respect you. My mother always says, teach people how to treat you, so go on, be kind to yourself, respect yourself and know , you have a right to be happy like anyone else.

We are confoundedly stuck in our minds and bodies, we are obsessed by the form of things but are blind to its' essence. If we could only let go of what something looks like and ask instead, how do I feel about this? What's my gut saying? Aaahh yes, the gut! Not the one we are forever trying to make into washboards but the tiny voice that sweetly tries to steer you away from danger, mistakes and chaos.It's the voice from the universe, god or the source, call it what you wish. I recognise now as a wife and mother, that I muted my gut a long time, but recently, especially after children, I found the volume and I charged up the battery.It's now my radio station of choice and it leads me to my next piece of wisdom; to challenge negative thoughts. Author Robin Sharma (The Monk who sold his Ferrari) explains through this in his book, that you must be careful what you think and what you allow into your mind, because what you think transforms into what you believe.

I find as soon as I let my thoughts wander, they always take me to the dark zone, that which is full of pessimism and anxiety, so now I edit my thoughts acutely and when I need an extra weapon to fight the gremlins in my mind, I turn to gratitude.Practicing gratitude can be as simple as coming up with three things every night before sleep that you are grateful for that day. It creates a positive headspace and lightens the heart. Ofcourse, there are a hundred other things I would tell my younger self, but let's give her a bit of thinking time between sessions.

So to anyone that's also having a birthday, may you have a happy day and treat yourself! Life is now and joy is yours, just reach for it. * Please note, I'm not a qualified psychologist, all themes in this blog are just my beliefs from my personal experience and research.

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