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Personal Freedom

When you're in your twenties you feel free and indestructible, the world is your oyster.

Then you get a little older, you go through heartbreak, get stressed over your career, lose someone you love and realise you haven't even touched the side of your bucket list. We could see these 'contrasts' as Abraham Hicks would call them(I'll chat more about Abraham and Esther Hicks in another blog), as sad events, failures or lost time. In fact, they were the opposite, without them you wouldn't be here now, reading this blog, wondering if there's more.And yes there is more, now we have the wisdom to search for answers or better still a new direction.Please universe/ God/ source whatever you want to call it, show me how to do it better. You were never off your path and you never lost your freedom when the 'contrasts' happened, you simply experienced them, they do not define you. Life is a journey not the destination, cheesy yes I know, but true.I recently have been on a spiritual journey myself ( in search of personal freedom), because I want to believe I can make a difference, that I am more than a mother, wife, daughter as important roles as they are.In this search I found Don Miguel Ruiz's book - 'The Four Agreements'.

In short the four agreements are: Be impeccable with your word.Don't take anything personally.Don't make assumptions.Always do your best. Don't they make sense, even just quickly reading them? Oprah had the author on her Super Soul Sunday and it was a knockout interview. These 4 sentences will change your perspective and therefore your entire life. If we are impeccable with our words, we are less likely to hurt and disappoint because we'll think, then speak with integrity and manifest truth rather than lies or meanness. The second agreement is my favourite!Don't take anything personal. As a person who never wants to disappoint, be rude or hurt, I have in turn had people be rude and hurt me. I took their words to be true, thus creating my own suffering, not theirs, they are fine, they've said their two bobs worth and they're off for a cafe latte,leaving us behind.

When we become immune to others words, we are strong and at peace.

Much like the second, the third agreement should be taught in all schools - don't make assumptions. We need to ask more questions, communicate our feelings more clearly and have the courage to believe our thoughts have value.

The last but not least is - Always do your best. That underpins all the agreements and keeps us feeling calm and authentic, because if we are doing our very best every day, at work, in relationships, in our spiritual practice. Then life is good at base level.

So you see personal freedom is not defined by living in isolation or without any rules or at the cost of others, personal freedom can simply be a way to live where your heart and mind are free. The book is a must read, Don Miguel Ruiz guides you through the beliefs simply and imparts ancient wisdoms, that make sense and give rise to a more enlightened and kinder mind. *This blog respects copyright laws and is shared for educational purposes only.

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