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Mindful Living Book Club 1# The Universe has your back - Gabrielle Bernstein

I have to say Gabrielle Bernstein was one of the first spiritual leaders that I listened to on you tube and frequently still do, whether it's her motivational talks or meditations. So it was going to be a must to read her book - 'The Universe has your back'.

Her frank and often funny style of speaking and writing has you at ease from the get go and you feel you are talking to a friend. From her beginnings in New York promoting nightclubs to her now influential and highly sort after books and talks, she has made the same life hiccups we all have and grown into a true enlightened being.

The book guides you through 'fear to faith' and gives tools, mediations and guides to unravel our own spiritual path and manifest a strong and guided new day.

Her book focuses a lot on the learnings from 'A course in Miracles' and those nuggets of wisdom are universal so, if you are into expanding your spirit and mind, this is the book for you!

Gabrielle also gives us a sneak into her own lessons that have lead to deep wisdom about life but more engaging is her openness to the audience about the cracks in her life and friends lives, that turned out to be structural pillars to higher learning and enlightenment.

Loved the book and have dog eared all my favourite lessons and wise morsels!

There's a lot of dog ears!!!

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