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Mindful Leaders #2

If you have an interest about the law of attraction or you simply want or need a good kick in the direction you fear, then take a moment or two to listen to Bob Proctor. His books unpackage all his belief systems and techniques while his videos are a go-to snippet of wisdom for those times of doubt and trepidation. I came across Bob a few years ago when my awakening to the goldmine within myself - began. His books on law of attraction have been best sellers and his videos watched by thousands upon thousands of people, wanting to learn how to get the best out of their lives and unleash their potential. Yes, he talks about how to attract money, but for me, it’s his wisdom and cut to the chase language that motivates me to do my best, visualise my greatest life and push me out of my oh so comfortable comfort zone.

He wants us to reach for the bigger picture, to unlock our own power and potential that’s been stagnant and fading. It just needs some good sunlight and watering with frank but powerful words. You see words are powerful! Motivational and law of attraction beliefs didn’t come from a lack in the world, it came from an abundance in those people that sought wisdom and spoke up, like Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins.

Those that say you too can have the best version of yourself, just by changing how you think, by being mindful of what you think, because what and how you think absolutely forms the path you live. If you believe the world is dark and doomed, then that’s what you shall attract, if you believe there is always light even a pin prick of it, then you will find it and make decisions toward it.I have always loved to hear about how adventurers and highly regarded people got their strength and belief in themselves. That fortitude to keep going even when there’s a deadly blizzard on the south face of Mount Everest or sailing into ferocious winds and waves. What makes these people different is how they think.

They think big, they know the mind controls the body. So even if you don’t want to circumnavigate the world in a light plane or conquer a mountain, let’s train the mind to be at it’s peak and make the most out of ourselves, today.

Do that thing you’ve always wanted, have the courage to speak to that group you always feared or simply know that today you are your best version, because you are in control of YOU.Why wait? Go for it. Start now!

*These blogs are based on my thoughts and beliefs so please take them as you wish, hopefully kindly and with respect. Thank youThis blog respects copyright laws and is shared for educational purposes only.

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