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Manifesting - The real hurdle is you.

There is no hurdle to your dreams, your desires when they align with your true inner self.

Your angels can't assist in your manifestations when you are filled with self loathing, judgement, anger, fear, anxiety and condemnation.

BUT as soon as you let go of all your expectations, comparing, complaining, ego driven actions or self harming thoughts, you leave a gap for the light to come in. To stream through that crack until it has the space to fully encompass it.

Manifesting is based on your own inner vibration and what you can envision for your self, truly see for you. If you can see that thing, moment, love, destination and can feel it like it was water running through your fingers, then you are close. Close to manifesting, enlivening, giving birth to that which you desire so intimately.

And that faith, love and self commitment you must have to cultivate the dream or desire - must be real, not fake it til you make it.

It has to be as one with you as the skin is to your flesh and bones.

So why do we struggle? Why do we watch enlightening films or read a chest of self help books and still find ourselves down, out and under attack? Because we didn't really believe we deserve nor have what it takes to keep our dream alive and kicking.

WE are afraid of actually realising it and at the same time failing to.

What a tangled web we weave.

You need faith, self love and commitment. Do you have it?

Let's be honest and humble about it. You wouldn't be here reading this if you had what you desired and weren't trying to manifest.

You'd be living that dream life, loving that partner or being in the very moments you long for.

Have an afternoon with yourself and truly ask what it is you want. See it, lie on the floor, close your eyes and imagine it, so that if that's really what you want, it has no choice but to become 'real'.

If you can maintain that direction then you have a greater chance of manifesting, BUT as soon as you feel the doubts, the self critisizing and comparing creep in - smash them!

Blow them away to an imaginery desert island with no return ticket.

You can not let the negative, even for a second linger. It's like saying it's ok if there's a few ants at the picnic.

NO WAY, the next thing your picnic has become breakfast for a thousand.

Take back ownership of YOUR life.

It takes guts and perseverance, get back up from every stumble, again and again.

Have faith, call it to you everyday.

Don't judge your circumstances and the possibilities of your future, based on where you are and what you have now.

Then have patience with yourself and the path you are on.

Plus you must take consistent action.

Nothing comes from standing still and nothing happens in the time you want.

That doens't mean it won't happen, so you must keep nurturing your dreams, desires, manifestations.

Plants don't grow overnight, they need consistent care and patience for their eventual beauty and fruition.

So come back to your faith, to the universe that's bigger than you and ask for some assitance. Ask for that patience, courage and strength to not give up and keep going.

Also, you must understand that the average person loses concentration every 6 - 10 seconds. Which means you need a tool to stay focused and that's where mindful meditation comes into play.

Practice it daily like learning how to walk, drive and eat. Practicing meditation and staying in the present moment, will keep you from straying from that manifestation you so long for.

The real hurdle in life is not the actual happenings around you, not what someone did or said to you, not how much money or persuasion you have BUT how you react to it all.

Take ownership of YOUR life, decide what you want to manifest and do not stray from it!

You are an incredible being, full of potential and growth, so please don't pull the rug from under youself.


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