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Let's work for the LOVE of it!

Someone I cared for a great deal passed away very recently and it made me realise how much better equipped I feel this time around, with the knowledge I have now about life and spirit.

Don’t get me wrong, I still cried and mourned, but then I woke this morning and started to speak to him. I felt he was around me and as I believe that death is only a departure in the physical sense, I knew his spirit was beaming down and saying ‘Venga Montse, vive tu vida con todo lo que tienes’ – ‘Come on Montse, live your life with everything you got’.

We never truly disconnect with those we hold a high frequency with, we simply take it to another level. I don’t believe the universe and god want us to be right or better or wealthier, they want us to simply love. Walk to and with love and stand tall against fear.

Fear is our ego protecting itself and love is the morse code from god overriding that auto pilot function. It’s the surge protection lights in our gut, gently at first then fiercely flashing, warning of overload. I think deep down we are afraid or death because we don’t feel we know what happens. But what if you just surrender the want of knowing and lived like you know it never ends?Just imagine living your life as if each physical format was a chapter in your whole existence. Wouldn’t that be true freedom reimagined? Visualise new doors opening, start saying yes. Yes to life, to love, even if it hurts, because they’re all lessons. Each day design a new start.

Every morning meet the break of day with a plan and be willing to heal from yesterdays’ lessons. You never see a depressed squirrel the day after a bad nut hunting day. They just get up and go again. And if you think you’re so much smarter than a squirrel, just look at who’s eating oreo cookies in snuggie blankets and buying knives that cut shoes!Finally and most importantly, let’s make our lives with love.

Let’s put some love and care into it, like it’s a permanent marker on your spirit fridge door. Work will only get you so much of anything, but living a life with ‘gusto’, authenticity, acceptance, patience and trust in the universe, well that’s a life I’m ready to wake up to. Aren’t you?

*Please note, all themes in this blog are just my beliefs from my personal experience.

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