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If it's good enough for Bob Proctor and Deepak Chopra, it's good enough for me! So here's a super quick mindful focusing game, just for YOU. First I want you to sit in your chair with your feet on the floor, place your hands on the desk or your lap - palms up. Then take 3 breathes - in for 4 counts, hold for 2 then out for 6 counts. Now see the dot in the centre of the below picture? I want you to focus all your attention on it, if your mind wanders don't worry, just bring it back to the dot. You see, most of us can only focus on one thing for 2-3 seconds before being distracted, so if you can learn to mindfully focus on that dot for a minute or even two or three, you have learnt how to mindfully FOCUS your WILL. This skill means you can tackle anything, because you can FOCUS your WILL on a subject, idea or moment - at work, at home with the kids or with a romantic partner. Give it a try, take a photo of this picture and try it anywhere. The ability to FOCUS on the MOMENT is the chai to a mindfulness chai latte!

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