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La Buena Vida - Mindfulness and Tapas!

“Confía en el tiempo, que suele dar dulces salidas a muchas amargas dificultades...”  ― Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de La Mancha

Trust in time, which often gives sweet exits to many bitter difficulties.

I have found that the two greatest lessons in my life came from two things I needed to get better at…Trust and patience.

I always wanted things to move faster, to find answers now and I longed to think that I alone could make it ALL happen. Like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

Pushing, trying and hoping harder than ever, didn’t make any of those things happen to create the perfect version of a great life.

Instead, the extra time, the longer wait and the unexpected gifts from the universe some good some not so – came when they truly needed to and brought me the most joy, understanding and growth I could ever have asked for.

YOU aren’t missing pieces.

You are not a puzzle that without all the ‘seemingly’ right bits will make a perfect picture.

You are the most incredible jumble of life. Your birth was a miracle, your body is a masterpiece, yes a masterpiece, look at how it has no other purpose but to carry you throughout your life, do what you may to it.

Then we have the beauty of your mind. It’s potential to have you learn anything you choose, to master a language, learn a technical equation or simply to cook the best most complex meal yet.

Finally your spirit, your soul.

This is like your ink with or without the pen.

It allows you to recognise divinity in a walk by the water..or a smile from a sweetheart or an understanding look from a coworker.

Today, right now, the world is going through a time of change. We can choose to see the missing pieces and dwell on them or simply understand that this too shall pass, so perhaps let’s try and find the good, the reason and the awakening.

The simplest of times throughout history gave the most resounding a picnic with your family. A few chairs, sweet smelling grass, sunshine and delicious food.

Tapas as a lazy lunch has been a staple for me and I love gathering my family around the tasty morsels I have foraged like spicy chorizo, smokey jamon, luscious green and glossy olives, smooth yet zingy queso like manchego, sweet and palette salivating membrillo and of course the ever master of the spanish table – pan, bread in all its glory.

We aren’t missing any pieces, we just need to find the greater picture in the pieces we have, right now.

Find the laughter in a meal with toddlers, tenderly grasp the joy of a quiet day in the garden but most of all, allow yourself to recalibrate, to discover your balance in this time.

Make it good or make it bad, the choice, the patience and the trust is with you always.

If you'd like to try my family tapas here is what I had:

My Tapas Picnic

Pan - Bread, french baguette is more typical and great with a simple topping.

Queso - Manchego Cheese from Spain

Membrillo - Quince Paste, Maggie Beer has a very good version.

Chorizo/ Salami - there are some great packages that also include...

Jamon - Cured Ham, like a prosciutto

Olivas - Olives in garlic and olive oil.

Any fruit of the season like grapes, nectarines or oranges.

I sourced all of these from my local grocery store Coles but I am sure you can find similar elsewhere.

Hasta pronto y buen provecho!!

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