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La Buena Vida Episode 6 Gardening and Tarta de Manzana (Apple Cake)

We are translating vibrations every day, every minute..we translate through our voice, our manners, our words, how we walk, sit and act.

You have been doing this forever, this vibration you translate is the delicate island between what we have been and what we seek to become.

If we learn to let go of expectations and simply be and feel into the present moment, no matter what it brings, then we can truly find neutral ground.

Ground where dreams can truly grow, where others‘ beliefs of you or your own - simply wash away and where, if you stay calm and trust in the ground you have laid, new opportunites can grow.

We often are the ones talking ourselves into the conditional world we live in instead of letting go and learning a new way to thrive unconditionally.

If you were to truly live unconditionally for even just a week, with a mindset of ‘I will stop the judgement, I will embrace the newness of this moment and I will be open to what will come intrusting myself’,…. you WOULD feel a shift.

This new you, may not look like others expected and they may ask, you seem different, what’s changed?

And you can only answer, you had to be there, you have to be open to embrace letting go.

When we allow ourselves to mute the outside world and gently tune into our inner world, we often realise we have been desperately wanting to vibrate towards a version of us that is just a hologram.

The simplicity in living mindfully, the delicate force in letting go of others perceptions of us will set you free, will let you - let go for a new beginning, a new start and perhaps for the first time, actually craft a life YOU feel content in.

This next recipe, is a perfect example. An apple cake or Tarta de Manzana, that is not only light and balanced but a surprise in it’s combination of ingredients that create such a delicate incarnation of apple and cake.

Simply start with a springform pan, it’s base has baking paper which you butter along with the sides.

Now peel and slice your apples, stay mindful here, as you peel, breathe and feel the weight of the apple in your hand, the gentle force of the knife across the peel. Then core and slice, letting the blade create crescent apple moons.

Next preheat your oven.

Onto the cake mix, beat eggs and sugar, I love this sound and luscious feel…now we add the delicate ingredients - lemon zest and juice – just take time to smell that citrus oil that both calms and envigorates. Then add yogurt and oil, this combination is what makes this tarta so devine. Now add your flour and baking powder.

Cut half your apple slices into smaller pieces and add to the mix.

Now pour this into the cake pan ensuring it’s level and even and next we add the apples slices on top.

I ask you to be gentle, take your time and be mindful of how you are making something beautiful with such a simple technique. Breathe and pay attention to the apples’ coolness on your skin and how it gently lays on the soft cake mix.

Now place it in the oven to cook…..and when it comes out, spoon and smooth Apricot jam over the top while it’s still hot to create a shiny glaze.

Once cool, slice and savour with some tea, family and friends.

This Tarta de manaza, is a perfect example of how staying true to core delicate ingredients can craft such a delicious outcome. Your life is no different.

You are more capable than you feel.

Can you see how perhaps in LETTING GO of what you thought needed to happen, you will manifest incredible opportunities to mix things up and try things differently?

Let go, let rain be the rising agent for a clear sky and a life where you thrive any place and any time.

Ingredients for a cake for 8-10 people:

125 ml Natural or greek Yogurt

3 Large eggs

225 g or 1½ cups of Flour plain

220 g or 1 cup Sugar

75 ml or 1/4 cup Sunflower oil

15 g Baking powder

4 Apples large

½ Grated lemon zest and it's juice

Apricot Jam to top with

Butter for cake pan.

Cook for 50min at 175 degrees


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