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La Buena Vida!

I am a full blooded spaniard who was born in Australia, so I have the best of both worlds!

I love our big skies, laidback approach and zest for fun while I also have a passion for family, food, like and adventure.

My spanish culture is such a gift, because it shows how to live a life full of positivity and passion.

Yes I have said passion twice, because we are passionate people, we love to live.

My first memories of being spanish and slightly different was taking a piece of baguette to school filled with salami and wrapped in aluminium foil. A little detour from sliced bread and vegemite but my friends wanted to swap with me all the time!

Then there is our cooking sessions. Preparing food for us, is just as important and fun as the eating.

The whole family gathers around with a drink and a small tapas like cheese, chorizo on bread while mama cooks her paella or carne(meat) or tortilla.

Any food session is a time to show love and be together. And we LOVE being together with family or friends and lunches and dinners are long and languid.

My mums New Years Eve parties are things of legend, with incredible food - gambas al ajillo, ensaladilla rusa, calamares fritos, music and so much more.

And ofcourse the 12 grapes at midnight - these must be eaten one grape per dong of the clock leading up to midnight - if you eat the lot, you have good luck for the following year!

In this period of Covid-19, I'm talking about this, not to remenisce, but to give you a spoonful of wisdom from Espana, because La Buena Vida(the good life) can happen anytime, anywhere, you don't need to be rich or in a special place. Whereever you are or your family is - that's La Buena Vida.

Savour those times together, create memories from cooking dinners or having a laugh in your backyard playing card games.

You see, Spaniards have been through many many hard times - a civil war that lasted over 2 years and a dictator for 36years. My parents and my family have seen difficult periods and yet they always made sure, they made the best of any moment together with family or friends and conjuring incredible food from the most simplest of ingredients.

Spain is an undertstated nation, I don't feel like the world sees us like an Italy or France, but that just let's the spanish fly under the radar, always welcoming to visitors and family with a warm smile and un abrazo(a hug) because we love the good life not just for us but for you too!

So today, perhaps pretend you are a spaniard...create a special moment when you cook dinner tonight, get the kids in to watch and play some music, dance if you feel like it.

Do what brings you joy, tell jokes, sing and eat like it was the best meal ever!

In the coming weeks, I'm going to bring you some recipes and videos on food and cooking and la buena vida! Hasta pronto mis amigos.

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