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Keep it simple, hold it lightly

Let's think way back when we were children, when we had no cynicism, no malice, no grand expectations of ourselves or others and we saw things as they actually were. Gifts and opportunities.

A small child will hold a feather gently, lightly, knowing innately it could break.

They feel its' vibration, somehow connecting subconsciously that this simple thing, can make a bird fly, FLY!

Why do we forget how simple things can be?

Not because we know better, but I think because we want to feel we know more.

We've gotten ahead of the curve, we are achieving, we are keeping up with the Jones's.

But sometimes less is more and keeping life simple can bring great rewards. That doesn't mean not challenging yourself or growing, it means, being mindful of the moment, the now. Make the most of that moment, don't chicken out on yourself.

Don't get involved in petty arguments, don't want the validation of strangers to make you happy, more importantly, do good, do simple acts of kindness with no expectations.

Write down what you really want for your life and create a path to get there.

Hold that dream lightly, you never get an egg if you squeeze a chicken!

You know what thing you want to manifest, that person, job, song, book or lifestyle.

It's there, you just have to let go of the white noise around you, get things simple, break old habits that are keeping you in the swirl of other people's expectations, or bad habits that are destructive and distracting and move forward with YOUR life.

Yesterday has gone, tomorrow is non existent but now is powerful.

* Please note, I'm not a qualified psychologist, all themes in this blog are just my beliefs from my personal experience and research. If you feel you need medical help always seek a qualified medical expert.

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