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Have you locked the door to your potential?

My studio door has a gold elephant handle. It's trunk is up.

I chose it because in many cultures elephants are goodluck(especially with the trunk up) and because it reminds me how special they are.

Elephants are sensitive(they cry tears of emotion), highly social and intelligent animals.

Creative or spiritual or enlightened individuals are much the same...sometimes you might be called eccentric, colourful, creative minded or different BUT we are ALL souls having a human experience.

So why not try and make your time on earth sprinkled with a little magic?

Why choose drudgery, mediocrity, average or OK when in this ONE chance at this lifetime can try for MORE right?

Everytime I open the door, I subconsciously give myself permission to have fun, unleash all my potential and be the best version of ME. Not you, or your mum or your sister or bestfriend or manager or even a mentor. JUST YOU.

They are their own best versions to manifest.

So let go of the social anxiety of fitting in or worrying that you need to keep up with the neighbour, your boss...I assure you, they are most likely trying to keep up with their own imaginary 'high achievers'.

ROGUEMINDZ Magazine is about breaking the mould of what we should all THINK.

Let's use these minds of ours better, smarter - letting in some light and colour.

Life is not black and white, if it is - what's a rainbow doing? What a 'rogue' phenomenon!!! Right?

The most successful people in the world were and still are 'rogues' mindfully thinking outside the square, triangle etc.

Let's name some;

Albert Einstein

Steve Jobs

The Wright Brothers

Richard Branson


Amelia Earhart

Nelson Mandela

...the list goes on...what made them THEM, was their tenacity and belief in themselves and their core strength.

We all have that potential.

YOU have it.

I dare you to do something great with it!

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