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Food is the source of our energy, our inner glow, brain power and growth, but if we choose not so wisely, food can become a problem.

How the food is produced can also become a bigger problem for the world at large, because now more than ever, we need to find sustainable methods of food production that maintain our health and the earths' health too.

So for our first foray into our Mindful Food section let's get down to basics.

Growing your own food.

Now I know some people think they have don't have a green thumb, but growing fruits and vegetables is more to do with getting the method right. So that means that anyone can give it a go.

If you live in a house, try creating a small raised bed for a few tomatoes or if you are an apartment dweller, then some potted herbs or even some mini citrus in a pot is great!

I have done both and now as a mum, I love seeing my kids snatching a strawberry on a summers day or pulling out their own carrot for dinner.

It's a win win win, they learn about where food comes from, they eat well and I save a few dollars too.

But it's also a misconception that you need a huge space. I have a small rectangular patch near the clothes line and it bares the sweetest fruit and crunchiest veggies.

I just make sure that I started with a good soil base of potting mix and fertiliser then choose 'in season' fruit or vegetables to plant and finally water it up!

In terms of a balcony garden I kept it simple with lots of herbs and cherry tomatoes or mini fruits, like crabapple.

It can be done and it's very simple, but more importantly, it's good for you and the world. In 2015 France decreed that all new buildings should either be covered in plants or solar panels, while in New York City there are more and more rooftop community gardens popping up (pardon the pun)! It's becoming the new prime real estate for gardeners.

So whether, it's just for the flavour, the cost, the health or environmental benefits, growing our own fruits and veges is becoming more important than ever.

BUT if you can't quite see yourself pot deep in soil, then go to your local organic farmers market and support them instead. You still get the delicious produce while helping our farmers create a sustainable industry.

So take your pick, grow your own tasty morsels or stroll to the markets and get the freshest, organic fruits and veggies for your family. Either way it's worth it.

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