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Finding 'YOU' to Thrive

Life is complex but our mindset can create a simple space for calm.

I have had the privilege of sharing mindfulness principles and meditations with some extraordinary women in 2021. They had gone through stress, worry or loss, but they had the courage and hope to want to learn a new way to BE.

So they came along to one of my mindfulness workshops and they taught me more than I can say.

The first thing that is often lost when we are forced to 'adapt' in difficult times, is our sense of self.

So when I titled this 'Finding 'You' to thrive', it wasn't to be funny or frivolous but an acute reminder that who you are BEING, is the counterbalance to what you do and how you see the world.

So let's be mindful of how we are 'being'.

When everything is off kilter, we have often not trusted ourselves, we may have forgotten to be patient with our hearts and minds, we also commonly refuse to accept that we were once incredible and strong and in control - and still can be.

Thriving is not just about making money or being happy all the time, it's about being generous with ourselves, finding the good in ourselves again, cultivating self acceptance with a big dollop of gratitude - that the same body and mind that went through the hardships, is still standing in totally loyalty to us, now.

When people are shown a new way to think, when they give themselves permission to shine and stand proud, they have begun the yellow brick road back to home.

Home is YOU. Home is that little 9 year old girl or boy that had sunshine in their hair and joy in their hearts.

That child is still within. The moment we stop judging ourselves for what has happened and have a beginners mind about this moment and the moments coming, is the time when we thrive again.

They say you can't see the light without the dark. I say we know the dark exists, shadows come and go, so why not follow the light, why not be our own best friend and why not trust that not all is lost, infact the best is yet to come.

The spiritual leader Wayne Dyer said

“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you're alone with.”

Wayne W. Dyer

I take that to mean, when we befriend ourselves, we have an internal support system. Along with that, he pressed the importance of intentions. Oprah Winfrey said after meeting Wayne and learning about intentions, she changed the way she runs her life and business.

I love intentions.

The simple power of saying today, my intention is ....

Sometimes it can be as plain as - Today I intend to be kind to myself.

Once you repeat it a few times and ensure that as you go about your day, you remember it,

your whole day will shift.

Say you meet a rude person at a store. Instead of reacting back with meanness, you might stop, remind yourself to be kind and be generous enough to not react.

Here's the thing, that person more than likely is going through something themselves.

There is NO human being on this earth, that isn't going through something or knows someone that is going through something difficult.

People don't advertise this stuff, we are socially programmed to put up a happy face, a strong face, when behind it all they are struggling too. So imagine how powerful your compassion could be to that person? You being kind, could change their whole day.

So imagine combining kindness to ourselves and setting an intention every day!

And that intention can change in a might need more patience, so you say..I intend to find patience with my colleagues.

Now imagine if everyone in the community or workplace did it? Can you see the benefit?

I know it can change lives. I love it when someone comes to the weekly workshop and they have witnessed themselves stray from their intention, but make amends and I have heard them say - "it has made me feel good".

Surely we all deserve to feel good, just going about our life and thriving with the knowledge that we have the power to shift our inner compass.

You are awesome and today, this minute, things can change.

*If you or anyone you know is going through hardships, please go to Lifeline Australia (131114) or your local support services.

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