Let's talk about how to move fashion forward, in a sustainable and credible way that still remains stylish and relevant.

Coco Chanel is one of my style icons, she was always elegant, put together and yet it all looked simple. But she knew the value of a well made garment and keeping the styling simple.

So I think she was a 'mindful' fashion designer and now more than ever we have to look to how we not only wear our clothes mindfully but make it.

So not just throwing it out after a few wears, no more sweat shops and finally, how is the material made? What kind of chemicals are they using to make the colour we adore so much this season?

Fashion is and has always been more than just a look, it originates through each phase of the worlds' history and is determined by our longing for beauty and belonging.

Let me explain - clothes are, put simply, something we cover our bare skin with. It's a shell to a turtle or a snail. BUT for us humans as we have evolved, clothing became something to admire, a piece of art or a well thought out design for many to enjoy and feel a part of the clan.

In 2020, we in the first world countries are so priviliged in what, how much and where we can purchase clothes. You can get it online, at a store, in a market almost anywhere and at pretty low prices.

So why not become more mindful of what we buy?

We seem to spend the money anyway, so why not choose clothes that are made sustainably, ethically and organically?

Some brands in Australia that are delivering these goods are - Bon, Vege Threads, Torju, Annukka, First Base, Arnhem, Organic Crew and Aster & Oak.

So those brands alone, cover womens ready to wear, sports apparel and kids clothing.

How fantastic!!

One fashion influencer that I started following a few years ago is Russian beauty and mamma Miroslava Duma.

She founded the digital company Buro 24/7 and now is the CEO and founder of Future Tech Lab. They collaborate with inspiring scientists, manufacturers and designers to create a sustainable, technologically advanced, environmentally friendly and socially responsible future for fashion.

As a newbie to the fashion industry, I just found that really interesting and hopeful for the future.

Because like most women, I love to wear pretty clothes, that feel good and make me feel better inside knowing it was made in the best way possible.

Why not look into those great brands I mentioned and let's support sustainable change for our kids and their kids future!

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