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Christmas & Holidays season is around the corner & so is Stress!

At the end of a LONG year & creeping into the Christmas season.. one tiny creature might get your attention. You know it well...Stress! Here are a few hints you’re under stress: headaches, insomnia, weakened immune system, stomachache, anxiousness, low mojo, tense muscles & more. So.... this holiday season, let’s make a pact to be kinder with OURSELVES. Yes you heard it YOU. Start with morning meditation to begin each day with inner calm, then maybe a short 10 minute yoga on your phone for grounding. Swap out a coffee for a herbal tea like spearmint & chamomile to equalize our inside. Then find handcup full of compassion. One for anyone who drives you a little bonkers but clearly is lonely or sad or frustrated with themselves...imagine pouring a handful of compassion over them like glitter to a tree. Then keep a smidge for yourself ... at the end of a year, you’ve gone through a lot and deserve kindness. Lastly, Laugh it up. When things get to heavy or the pudding has finally consumed you, crack a joke & keep the mood light. It’s a holiday after all right😄Each moment is yours to craft so craft it like a beautiful gift!

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