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Becoming NEW in a time of change.

Becoming our true selves takes letting go of what you were, that’s why a wooden chair is never going to be a tree again, but look how beautiful it is, it now has the purpose of witnessing a quiet romantic evening with your loved one, or a grandmother reading a young child a good night fairytale or a wonderful meal with like minded kindred spirits.

It can never be a tree again, it will never feel like a sapling again, but look at what an important role it holds now. The resting place of love, hopes and dreams.

We can never be what we were so then let us see ourselves as we are..right now.

Chips, cracks and all the bruises…we are still here therefore we are strong, we are unique and we are a part of the world we live in.

This time in our life and world, is an opening for a shift in our universal consciousness.

WE are fully fledged souls having a human experience, we have all we need, but we often feel lost, misplaced, misunderstood and missing something.

But we are the chair, we don’t need fancy cushions or a through rug over our backs because we are whole and exquisite as we are. Our mission now can be to simply be grateful for what we have and are, to appreciate the beauty in our lives, big or small because much like a diamond, it’s size never reflects its’ worth.

We are tiny diamonds seen from the universal balcony, but we are strong and malleable and we will get through this. Each speckle of light from each of us, transforms into daylight after a stormy night.

A simple yet powerful start to inner transformation in this forced time of change is a mindful body scan to clear the chaos inside you - for manifestation, gratitude and renewal.

Manifestation because we must be able to visualise a new way to live and thrive after this.

Gratitude because we can always say thank you for what we do have, a roof, a job, food…and renewal because we are going through transformation and you are the light, you can be the person that cracks the heavy curtain of fear open, you can show someone how cared for they just because you can.

Nothing will be the same again, so in that newness we can re learn how to value our natural environment and let go of the need for more ‘stuff’, we can learn how to be joyous with our families over a simple meal and we can learn how to renew our love of life.

This incredible life that we have within us, accepting ourselves as we are and halting the judgements on all and everything.

So now, I invite you to go to our Mindful Channel in this site and be prepared to become at ease and cleanse your body and mind with the Mindful Body Scan meditation with white light.

As you come to the end of that practice, take a full, deep breath, taking in all the energy of the meditation. Exhale fully. And when you are ready, open your eyes and return your attention to the present moment. As you become fully alert and awake, consider setting the intention that this practice of building awareness will benefit everyone and everything you connect with today.

Today, this moment, right now is yours to create and craft and start afresh from...I ask you to be the light for someone you know, for someone that needs it and for someone that's forget about love and joy and hope.

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