As a woman, I have enjoyed the joys of going to stores and buying beautifying products, creams, perfumes and cosmetics and as a mother, this hasn't changed other than I am more picky with my spending and have less time to browse.

So I thought why not find some mindful, carefully produced and planet friendly products for all of us to use.

So I launched the MINDFUL BEAUTY section.

I think it's the perfect time, because when we come out of the holiday bubble, we can quietly sneek into our mindful beauty spot and find something just for us.

Something that not only makes us look good, but also feel good, because we are trying to find the beauty brands that make the planet better and say no to chemicals or animal cruelty.

So I welcome you fellow new girlfriend and my mission is to find you a great selection, to colour up our day and brighten our spirits! Stay tuned for upcoming brand/ product profiles!

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