An evening in the wilds of perfection

Since I was a young girl and then through my university years living in college, I have always sought clarity and believed there was more to life than appearances, flash cars and fake personalities. I began writing poetry to quietly unleash my thoughts into a world that wasn't listening. I wrote this following poem 25 years ago and I think it stills hold true. It is a slightly cynical shall I say, take on societies driven need for approval and validation and even then, the word anxiety crept in. Surely we can move beyond this and be authentic with one another. Don't we all just want to connect? What we see as perfection is merely just an illusion, people aren't meant to be perfect, life is more than you see. However, if you merely exist in the facade of social banter and expectations then the path to your own happiness will be roadblocked. I say this because I have made mistakes like all of us and I wished I'd listened to my gut and been more mindful of why I did things. It almost never has anything to do with the person your dealing with or the job your in, it's always your own self you are pushing back on. We compensate with false niceties, cars, expensive houses and so on because as the author Adyashanti says, 'we don't know who we are'. So being mindful is a daily, moment to moment practice of self worth and a release to the universe of things that don't serve you.

"An evening in the wilds of perfection"

Can you hear it?

The low humming and murmur

behind the cold flex doors.

Surrounded, slowly milling,brimming over in anxiety


Squisito smells filter

in the midst of clarity and plonk.

Two by two they come

because one alone is a sign of distortion.

Sore jaws and high spirits

appetise the moment.

Homemade guests

and refreshingly simple chit...chatter covers all.

Until each compliment and culinary sociality has been thoroughly enjoyed.

* All themes in this blog are just my beliefs from my personal experience and research. Take them as you wish, hopefully with kindness.

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