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A New Dawn.

It was a simple single moment of being in the rush of fear, where the stillness froze me in time and I realised everything will be ok.

No matter what.

Even if your deepest desires seem to get further away, the moment you stop and breathe, you can reconnect with that little girl or boy of 9 again. And in that moment, you make a promise to be their leading light.

To be calm in the storm, to get brave in the hurricane that life can be, but more importantly to remain loving and hopeful for what the next second might bring and how potent NOW can be.

2020 was a LARGE year. In fact there are no words to overestimate how big it really was, but it is in the most epic of storms that true human spirit emerges at full strength. Now I would not like to repeat 2020, so from today, I invite you to gently hold the door open for a new dawn in your life and others.

For some, today may still feel overwhelming and hard.

Right this second, someone, somewhere is hurting. They are tired of the fight, they feel unseen and unheard, they long for peace and hope, they have forgotten what it feels like to belly laugh, they see more dark than light and their edges are frayed to dust.

For them, for you, I say, I am here and I see you.

None of us have had perfect lives, all of us have felt sorrow, disappointment, betrayal, loss, frustration and that sense of being lost. BUT I am here as one voice to send a gentle echo to say, I hear you. And it's why I have done the work, the study, the filming. To perhaps help one person.

One soul. I love to see or read someone tell me that a video I produced made them feel good or even 'better'.

It brings me joy to see someone I train to get comfortable on camera, not just enjoy it, but realise their voice counts too.

I meditate to balance my inner compass.

I make films to help me remember beauty.

I am mindful so the fears and anxiety slowly step back in the shadows.

I meditate to find peace.

I make films about finding our inner light to feel alive.

I am mindful so I don’t miss a life changing moment in the whirlwind we call living.

I meditate to breathe again.

I make films to see again.

I am mindful to live again.

This is your new start.

This is your fresh beginning.

Today, this moment, now.

Don't wait for someone's acceptance or for that perfect anyone.

You are here right now for your existance.

Does that make sense?

You are a gift to this world, this planet we call earth.

Without you everything would be that little bit off centre.

Image if one by one, every single bee decided there was enough bees in the world and they gave up.

The world, the eco system would slowly collapse.

We need you. Your humour, your wisdom, your lessons, your imagination, your love, your perspective.

Life is but a chance to play in the paddling pool of living and we need everyone to play nice, boost each other up and see how wonderful that giant sandcastle could be, if we all placed our shell in the sand.

The dawn is here, so let's get cracking!

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