2020 is your YEAR!

Welcome to the new year and a new decade!

In 1999 on the eve of 2000, I thought the new age was going to be so exciting but I also had some trepidations, naturally, right?

Well, it was a set of years that saw me truly grow up, I got married, had two children, bought my first house, the whole shebang!!

But what did I really learn? I learnt that if I don't take care of me, no one would either.

As much as they might love you and be your best friend or partner, only YOU really know what's going on in your head and spirit. As absolutely in love with my kids as I was I didn't care for myself, I thought my new role was meant to take over my whole life.

In doing that, I lost myself, I ended up with post natal anxiety.

It was like looking in the mirror and not seeing yourself but a half shadow of a woman that used to be fun, outgoing and excited about life.

Post natal anxiety took all that away and left a sad, disconnected and always frightened being.

This new years eve was the best ever, because through learning about Mindfulness, meditation and meeting other mums with PNA, I found me again.

I also said NO to putting myself down when the house wasn't perfect or the boys didn't eat all their veggies or I was said no to something.

I found me again through losing me. I started my businesses, MontserratMedia ( video production) because I've done TV for 20 years and I created this site - Mindfullliving - because the new me was SO excited to tell everyone, there's a new way to live, MINDFULLY.

You don't have to be someone's fixer - at home or at work.

You don't have to be so mean to yourself because you think someone else is more exciting than you.

You can make a choice everyday, to really turn up to YOUR life.

You can decide to eat better, let go of stress or people that don't serve you, say yes to things that make you happy, stand up for yourself, be the best YOU for YOU.

2020 is the year you can be mindful...

By - not judging yourself or others (we really never know the real story).

By - non striving, it really doesn't have to be so hard.

By - finding a point of acceptance. Of yourself and of how others really are.

By - Letting go! Let go of all the things you thought you really needed or wanted or what others told you you needed or wanted. Letting go of things or people that don't do you good.

By - having a beginners mind. Try and see things through new fresh eyes!

By - Having patience. With yourself and others and life.

By - Trusting, the universe and YOURSELF.

And finally, by - having compassion. Find compassion for yourself and others.

We really never know what anyone is going through and they just want to look 'together' too.

2020 is YOUR year! Go for it, I dare you to be MINDFUL!

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