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                                                     MONTSERRAT MEDIA

Welcome to our video production and 'on camera coaching'. 
After 20 years in the television industry, Montse and her team can make a video for you or your business that tells your story and makes an impact.

Our 'On Camera Coaching' sessions are becoming the 'must' have in 2021, as we all do more zoom calls, video links, youtube videos and podcasts. It's no surprise though, that many people feel nervous or intimidated to be on camera, so Montse brings all her TV experience and her mindfulness training into a coaching module that will get you more confident in the first session.

Video is the WAY of the FUTURE, so whether you need a video produced or need coaching to show your best version on camera, contact us and we can help!
From writing copy, producing, directing and editing - we have it covered.

Take a look below at some examples of our work and videos on
our Mindful channel here on the site.

Advertising Campaigns
Music Video Clips
Custom made videos

For more info email us at

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