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In simple terms Non Judging is about not judging others and not judging ourselves. This includes not judging yourself so harshly when you make a percieved mistake, you simply become a witness to the thoughts and actions and understand that no one is perfect so stop judging and instead stay in the present moment and find a balanced solution or simply let the judgment go, drop your egos' chatter and clear the path for the next moment.

Note; This doesn't mean not taking responsibility, it's simply separating making judgements that do not help a situation but instead inflame it to creating a neutral space for true inner peace and calm.


When you push against the wave you are trying to hard. To not strive is not to be lazy or give up, but instead it's undertanding that if something is clearly not yours to have right now or an achievement is not ready to be fully crafted yet, then we must accept that and let it go for the moment. We must also work with the flow of the universe and find an easier path to your destination, it deosnt have to be hard to be worth it. Difficulty is something we as humans have adopted because we think everything good comes from hardwork...but look at the sunset or a baby smiling, that is joyous and wondrous in pure form.


If you don't accept something you can not change, you will always be dissatisfied, frustrated and disenfranchised from life and it's joys. Being able to accept when life happens, when you don't get something, when someone hurts you, when plans go south - this will cripple you. You will live in constant anxiety and stress because you feel out of control. 
I have felt this way myself and it's torture. We think control gives us calm and happiness, but perhaps the negation of a want is the opening for a new opportunity. Perhaps, the universe and the spirits know something more.

Accepting how something or how someone behaves sets YOU free. 

We can't change anyone else, but we have FULL mastery over ourselves, our thoughts and yes our feelings too, if we let ourselves.


Letting go is a twin sister to Acceptance...when we learn to let a feeling, a person, a job, a thought - GO...then we can see the situation clearer and throw away the guilt, sadness and expectations you may have had around it.

Letting go doesn't mean not taking responsibility once again, it means take respnsibility for what you can then what we have no control over - like someone elses' action or the economic downturn or a family history dynamic - that needs to be dropped from your emotional backpack.

When we can let go and see that others have issues and frustrations and stressors too, then we can give them some slack. To let go is to unburden yourself feelings and thoughts that do not SERVE YOU.


A simple way to put this is by asking you - if you could do something a better way, wouldn't you? Or would you want to stay stuck in old thinking patterns, in old emotional bags of quicksand? When we know better we do better, said the poet Maya Angelo. So keeping an open learning mind, allows us to appreciate others' points of view or a new way of working or a different way to live. 

Life is constantly changing and staying open to undertanding these changes allows you a freedom to be grounded in spiritual or mindnumbing concrete. 


They say patience is a virtue and for many of us it's a difficult one to cultivate. To be fair in this day and age, we have become accustomed to having everything at our fingertips in a few flashes.

Then life goes and challenges that 'norm', by putting a slow roadblock in your path, be it personal or business.

Spiritually, there are no roadblocks, because things will happen as they should. I believe there are no accidents in this life, eveything happens for a reason. You may have been delayed getting to a meeting but you also missed a potenial car accident - you get the drift.

Patience is an understanding that NOW is all we have. Good things sometimes take time to craft themselves and we must also be wise enough to be grateful for where we are right now and appreciate that gift. 


The ability to truly TRUST ourselves and the universe is HUGE.

So many times we would rathr trust a stranger with our life choices than turn inward and ask ourselves. Why? Because we are not sure we know enough( but we do) or we think someone else knows what we need (but they don't) or we are not being honest with ourselves about our true needs and wants. Why again? Because we think we must conform and be like everyone else, but you are unique, you have been brough to this circling ball of beauty to share something of yourself so that others know they can be themselves too.

Trusting that you are not alone, that you can ask for devine guidance by meditating or simply asking outloud can bring answers to your inner compass.

There is also a level of trusting others, to do the right thing and they don't we accept, let it go and have compassion for them.


Being and finding compassion is the anchor to this worlds' questions.

If we can be compassionate to someone that wronged us WE STOP the CYCLE Of HURT.

If we can be compassionate to a person that made a mistake, we STOP the CYCLE of Vengeance.

I  know that it's sometimes difficult to find that kindness and softeness and compasson when you feel angry, betrayed, frustrated and hurt...BUT those are feelings you have control over. 

They saying is forgive and forget. I get that's hard, so at least forgive because when we hold that bitterness inside us, it only hurts US.

Every single one of us is made with compassion, we are driven by it and hope to find it in others. 

But that means showing it to ourselves and others too. Compassion frees us to see the good in others or at minimum the potential for it.

Generosity is more than simply giving yourself or someone else a gift. It's about being generous to yourself by speaking to yourself more kindly, by stopping the self judgement and instead congratulate yourself on being strong enough to get this far. You are more incredible than you think, so be kind.


There is a softness in our attitude when we cultivate gratitude. Gratitude for simple things like that - our heart will beat or that our hands can touch or that we have a roof over our head. Simple things that we take for granted can create a strong foundation in gratitude. When the difficult times come, we can find something to be grateful for and in turn, we can also find a sense of humour. Let's not always take ourselves so seriously, let's understand the importance of a situation but then smile at what is going right. 

NOW let's take mindful action...!

These simple to say yet sometimes difficult to implement principles, are the tools in your toolkit for living to your best ability and existing in your highest spiritual platform.

But being mindful is more than just reading these ideas, we put them into action with meditations, mindful practices and exercises.

Let me help you be your mindful guide, like a yoga teacher limbers up your body, I can help you limber up your mind and spirit to embrace your full potential in life, love and work.

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