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Mindful Beauty, Food & Fashion

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Beauty is an inside job

As a woman, I have enjoyed the joys of going to stores and buying beautifying products, creams and perfumes and cosmetics and as a mother, this hasnt changed other than I am more picky with my spending and have less time to browse.

So I thought why not find some mindful, carefully produced and planet friendly products for all of us to use.

So today I launch MINDFUL BEAUTY, as we lunge toward Christmas and excess and too much food and not enough sleep.

sustainable & organic 


Made fresh 

Today we are more educated, open and free to talk about where our food comes from and what we do it to before it hits our plate. So I will be diving into finding the best sources of nourishment.

Food is our fuel, so why play games with it?

Fashion that feels 

Fashion like every other part of our lives has had an overhaul. Instead of not caring where it came from or who made it, we are questioning its' sustainability and social compensation.

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