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Today is YOUR day!


This MOMENT is yours.


What will you do with it?


You have a choice...

Mindfulness is your SUPERPOWER! 

Being present in each  moment and leaning into light, joy and growth will create a life that holds less stress & frustration while giving you space, calm and happiness.

"Since starting on my mindfulness journey many years ago, I have researched, studied and practiced and I can honestly say it has changed my life."
Montse - Founder Mindfull Living, Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

Countless hours of mindfulness and meditation study have placed Montse on this new 'mindful' path, a mission almost, to share the incredible benefits of bringing mindfulness and its' principles into everyday life. 
Her work with women going through difficult life circumstances has allowed them to see how simple internal shifts, may not change the past, but they can and will afford them a better mindset to not only survive but thrive.
She's a published writer, with her articles on mindfulness found in the Australian magazine - Let's Be Mamma.
Corporate workshops allow employers and employees a new way to productively work together without judgement while also lowering stress and creating an environment for 
growth and success for all.
Mindfulness is more than you think it is...
It is a new way to BE, see the world and live.


Mon - Fri: 9am- 5pm ​​

By appointment on weekends


Brisbane, Queensland AUSTRALIA 

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